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04.09.2000 - version 2.4.7
Minor updates, bug fixes, and some logging changes were made. 
            The speed of the server was improved.

09.07.2000 - version 2.4.6
full customize - labels, title ..
            UTF8 support

14.06.2000 - version 2.4.5
little changes in the server

10.02.2000 - version 2.3
some futures are enabled

10.01.2000 - version 2.0

new button Float/Embed
customize the parameters (Colors - text - Actions - Emotions)

10.10.1999 - version 1.9

new combo box for user commands - for speedily chose all buttons are with pictures and help text new menu bar with options to hide or show for the registrations module in the server we add a special check for password and name we test for possible hack with TEL NET

30.09.1999 - version 1.7

many bug in Server and client are fixed now

14.08.1999 - version 1.4.3

without many bugs (private messages)

11.08.1999 - version 1.4

New button PM - ignore for ignoring private messages from other users Silence - work now. You can ignore public messages

02.08.1999 - version 1.3

New command /usrtotal - See all rooms and users. New button AllUsers Included are two ways to choice nick from. double click the line in the output area. from the list with users .Double click with the right mouse button.

    20% more speed (in the client). New 20 standard colors. Button Colors is now in the color combo box "custom.." . Better function, for automatic kick from the server. For people who send quickly more messages.

29.07.1999 - version 1.2.2

New Design. The applet window is in center of the display now, and we calculate the size. Button Options. Color choice is back.

27.07.1999 - version 1.2.1

Bold & Italic are now global. We memory the costume color. The change of font size work normally with log lines now. We have turn off font choice (for little time).

26.07.1999 - version 1.2

16 million colors (RGB) for messages.Bold & Italic. The client can change font size and font for the Text area.

22.07.1999 - version 1.1.2

The long lines, are now transferred of more lines. New button Clear - clearing the Text Area. We add speed limit for Actions, if somebody send 3 for 2 seconds, the server kick him automatic. The server tell now where the user go (in what room he go). When the user is gagged ( /gag) , the user cannot send actions more.. /me ( Actions) are all with red color now.

21.07.1999 - version 1.1.1

new Text Area , with lines and possibility for active area

09.07.1999 - version 1.1.0

Color Messages we add Action, and command /me

28.06.1999 - version 1.0.0

we add Rooms

08.06.1999 - version 0.94

begin with first final version

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