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OkChat 2.5.x Installation

System Requirements

  1. Software Requirements - Java
    We recommend the latest Java virtual machine implementation available (version 1.2 or later) from your operating system vendor. We specifically recommend the Java virtual machines listed for the operating systems below.

    Support for Java on other Operating Systems can be found at Java Platform Ports

  2. Software Requirements - Server Access
    Your host must provide a shell account and the ability (rights) to execute daemon processes.

    1. Hardware Requirements - physical server
      These are the minimum requirements for a site that has a moderate amount of traffic.

      • 200 MHz Intel Pentium
      • 128 MB of RAM
      • 30 MB of disk space - for chat program

      For heavy traffic sites or multiple OkChat servers, you may want to increase to 256 MB of RAM.

      If you enable access logging, it will require approx. 250 bytes of disk space for each person that accesses your OkChat server. 30 MB of disk space will provide enough log space for more than 100,000 accesses to your OkChat program.

    1. Network Requirements - traffic
      You can expect the following network usage an okChat server handling 500 chat connections per day:

      • Chat messages transferred:  6 megabytes per day
      • Average inbound bandwidth:  2.90 kilobits per second
      • Average outbound bandwidth:  4.52 kilobits per second
      • Maximum inbound bandwidth:  6.25 kilobits per second
      • Maximum outbound bandwidth:  10.35 kilobits per second

      The bandwidth shown above includes the requirements for delivering advertisements from a remote ad server through your server out to the banner areas of the okChat applet.

      If you expect 1,000 or 10,000 chat connections per day, simply multiply the numbers above by 2 or 200 to arrive at an estimate of your network requirements.

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