The OkChat ver. 2.7.0 (Colors, Ban, Sounds - Full version)

okChat ver. 2.7.0

100 user

29 US$


okChat ver. 2.7.0


49 US$


registration module - PHP


0,00 US$

included in all

Installation over TELNET or SSH

29.95 US$


Upgrade to 2.7.x from 2.x


20 US$


okChat WebMessenger 1.0 NEW


39 US$


Note: Our recommendation for more performance is: If you will have upwards of 700 online
users in your chat, to start 2,3... chat servers each on divers Port.

We don't sale source code

OEM version without any links to okChat and without copyright notice
without possibility to upgrade

okChat 2.7.0 OEM
199 USD


Order via e-mail

Purchase price for our unlimited version

Please contact for more information.

** OFF for Nonprofit, Open Source sites and education use (*org, *.edu, *net ) 00.00 US$ - send us online request with domainname, IP to receive the license
Commercial Use 199.95 US$ / 99.95 US$

Upgrade contracts

The initial purchase of okChat offers you 1 year of updates free of charge (that means
if you buy 2.7.0 you have 1 year free updates to 2.6.xx, if you want 2.6.x you must upgrade).
If you would like to upgrade beyond that point you can purchase yearly upgrade contracts at the following prices.

Personal, Nonprofit and education use $00.00 US$
Commercial Use $69.95US$


By Purchasing a copy of okChat you get 1 license that allows you to run as many instances of the program as
needed under a single domain. To run okChat under multiple domains or sub domains you will need to purchase
a separate copy/license for each domain or sub domain. Before purchasing please read the License Agreement.

Licensing Notes

- There is no refund policy for okChat , so you are advised to download the free version first,
read the requirements and make sure you can run okChat on your system.

- Support is available via e-mail and discussion forums. There is no phone support.

How to purchase

Visa, Master card, Eurocard, American Express, and Diners Club purchases can be done online on
secure server over our partner RegSost. (Note all forms are secured with the SSL protocol).
If your browser does not support SSL then you can place your credit card order on our normal server.

The other is a bank wire or transfer. You can contact us at online request for any information that you
need to initiate this type of payment. Please be aware there is a $15 bank charge for this, so you will be
need to add this to your purchase price.

Registering okChat - Important! Important! Important!

Before ordering a key code, please check, if okChat works with your Hardware. Do only order a code,
if you are fully satisfied. It is not possible to give you a refund afterwards. Please try before you buy!

The purchase price of okChat is US$199.95/US$99,95.
There are several convenient ways to register:

Register on the Internet: We have partnered with RegSoft to provide secure Internet credit card registration
(Visa, Master card, EuroCard, American Express, and Diners Club accepted). To use this option, or for more information,
visit our web site at . The okChat page will have a link to the secure web server.
You can order directly at RegSoft (Phone, Fax, On-Line).
Register by e-mail: If you're a little concerned about using a credit card over the Internet, we can also accept
wired transfer or check.Please use "ORDER e-mail", if you want to order by e-mail. Please have all the
information which is requested on the form.

Thank you for supporting shareware!

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